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Asset Tag Template

The Label Source website is full to the brim with assorted labelling options, but even with a product range as large as ours, we appreciate that it's impossible to stock everything a customer could conceivably need.

That's why we offer a variety of customisable options, the most popular of which is our Custom Asset Tag tool. The Asset Tag Builder allows you to create asset tags that are specifically tailored to your requirements, and you can customise everything from the size and colour to the type of bar code used (if any).

Who Uses our Custom Asset Tags?

The bespoke asset tags have been used for all kinds of purposes. School and universities use them to keep track of their electronic equipment; libraries use them for books and whatever else they might lend out; offices and shops use them to monitor inventory. The sheer convenience of asset tagging means that the systemis used in thousands of different ways, and if you want your own unique set of asset tags, our Tag Builder will walk you through the whole process.

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