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Safety labels are a fundamental part of any business. They highlight potential risks and dangers associated with using any equipment, instruments, plant, machinery, fixtures and fittings – warning any customers, patients or general members of the public of the necessary precautions required before proceeding to use any of the items listed above.

Not only do safety labels serve as welcome and informative warnings for staff, the public and customers or patients but they display your commitment to ensuring the safety of anyone who enters your premises, which is important. All our safety labels are produced to UK, EU and international standards ISO EN 7010, and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

Safety labels can include anything from no smoking, no naked flames, do not touch, to wear eye protection or hand protection, as well as many more!

We have an extensive range of safety labels including Warning Symbol Labels, Engineering Labels, Safety Labels, Laminated Safety Labels, Custom Safety Labels and Ansi Safety Labels. We can also cater for any specific requirements you might have with regards to your safety labels. For other sizes, combinations of symbols or custom produced safety labelling contact our sales office on 0800 3761693 (or for outside UK +44 1443 842769), or by e-mail sales@labelsource.co.uk for advice or a quotation.