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Mandatory Safety Signs

Mandatory safetysigns are a required in your workplace if they help reduce a health and safety risk that can’t be prevented or eliminated any other way.  These madatory safety signs are used to advise and remind your employees on what the appropriate behaviour, actions or, clothing is being worn, to help prevent risks to health and safety prevent harm to oneself or others.

Most of the mandatory safety signs found in this section have a blue background and white pictogram and writing and all are harmonised and produced to UK, EU and international standard IS EN 7010, and the safety signs and signals regulations 1996, as well as a diverse range of specific work-related safety legislation. 

Below you will find our range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) signs, use of equipment signs, utilities service safety notice, manual handling mandatory signs and kitchen safety signs. 


A Guide to Mandatory Sign Types and Colours

What are the Different Types of Mandatory Safety Signs?

At Label Source, we divide our mandatory signs into four categories. These are:

  • General mandatory safety signs: these demonstrate specific actions and requirements, such as ‘wash hands’ or ‘use seat belt’.
  • Utilities service mandatory safety notices: instructional signage for water, electricity, and gas supplies.
  • Manual handling signs and warning labels: for promoting safe lifting, educating workers, and minimising injury when handling goods.
  • Kitchen signs: signs and hazard posters to promote hygiene and control contamination.

What Colour are Mandatory Signs?

Mandatory signage is always blue. Informative signs with white font will usually provide written instructions of the mandatory behaviour, and these will be in a rectangular shape.

You will also come across round blue signs with white pictograms inside them to demonstrate the mandatory behaviour.

When Do I Use a Mandatory Sign?

Mandatory signs need to be used in any area where some kind of action must be taken, with no exceptions. For example, you must signpost that ear protection needs to be worn in places where high volumes are to be expected, such as when working with machinery.

These signs should be placed somewhere easily visible so that anyone in the area can see them.

The kind of mandatory signs you need will depend on your workplace, so it’s worth carrying out a risk assessment to find out what you could need. Mandatory signs are necessary for any compulsory behaviour, from keeping fire doors shut to wearing the right PPE.

For more information, have a look at our post, Personal Protective Equipment: How Labels and Signs Can Play A Role

In the unlikely event that you cannot find the mandatory safety sign that you are looking for then please get in touch with us by emailing sales@labelsource.co.uk and a member our specialist team will be happy to assist you. 

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