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Self-Adhesive Packaging Labels

Our high-quality packaging labels are made using self-adhesive vinyl, and they are supplied in rolls of 500, making them perfect for companies who frequently send out fragile goods or heavy packages.

The labels are text-based, making it easy to identify your parcel's handling requirements (for example, Handle with Care or This Way Up).

A Variety of Labels for Parcels and Packets

Label Source's collection of self-adhesive packaging labels is absolutely comprehensive. Here are some examples of the labels available here:

  • Labels for fragile parcels
  • 'Open this/other end'
  • Weight warnings (e.g. 'Do not lift', 'This parcel weighs...')
  • 'Urgent' labels
  • Labels to prevent bending, X-raying, use of sharp objects, etc.

If you can't find the labels that you need on this page, visit our Shipping Transit Labels section, where you'll find even more labels for parcels and containers. Where our packaging labels are largely text-based, our shipping labels use internationally-recognised symbols to give instructions (e.g. 'Keep Dry', 'Protect from Heat').

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