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Waste Segregation Signage

We have a range of waste management signs to help you and your team identify and segregate items within your waste stream management programme. The rubbish signs are supplied in two different sizes (medium and large), and they're ideal for waste collection bins / containers, waste collection areas, and waste treatment facilities.


Waste Management FAQs

What Types of Waste Are There?

Our waste segregation signage range covers the following types of refuse:

•    Domestic Waste & Non-Hazardous General Waste Sign – This includes most of your non-recyclable general waste. Check the symbols on what you’re binning as this will tell you what sort of bin you should put it in. If non-recyclable, most domestic waste will need to be put in a bin labelled with a general waste bin sign.

•    Hazardous / Toxic Waste - This can come from a variety of sources, including electronics, hospitals, garages and construction sites.

•    Radioactive Waste - That is, waste materials (such as clothing, tools, filters, plastics or metals) that have been contaminated with low-level radiation. Classified under the Radioactive Substances Act 1993 and The Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999.

•    Clinical Waste - Including human/animal waste, swabs, dressings, masks, gloves, gowns, needles, sanitary products, drugs and dental amalgam. Applicable classifications include UN2900 Infectious Substances (Affecting Animals), UN3291 Clinical Waste, and UN3373 Diagnostic Samples.

•    Food Waste – For recycling and composting scraps of food that are unused. This includes things like tea bags and coffee grounds.

•    Confidential Waste – This refers to any documents or items that contain personal information, which could be used to identify an individual. This may include financial information, medical records, payslips, research data, criminal records, and more.

•    Landfill – General commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste will typically go to landfill. This waste gets buried between layers of earth.

•    Recyclable Solids & Liquids – If something features a recycling symbol, you’ll be able to recycle it, meaning the material can be reused.

•    Contaminated Solids & Liquids - Such as waste mineral oils, hydrocarbon mixtures, emulsions in water, textile effluent, and liquid sludge.

Where Can I Use General Waste Bin Signs?

You will find that different types of general waste signage will be needed in different places. For example, you may find clinical waste signs in hospitals, confidential waste signs in most businesses that must comply with GDPR, and domestic and recyclable waste bins and signs can be found in most households, schools, and worksites.

Why Use Waste Signs?

Leaving waste on your premises can be dangerous to everyone there. Not only do they create a trip hazard, but some types of waste can be very dangerous. For example, some toxic or construction waste can be hazardous to touch or inhale around. It’s therefore incredibly important that all waste gets put in the correct types of disposal, and is correctly taken care of.


Categorising and labelling your waste using the correct waste segregation signage helps to enable safe handling and proper disposal of all different waste types.

To order your waste management signs from Label Source, please select from the options listed below, or contact us today if you require an alternative signage solution for your waste management system.

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