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How do you communicate the health of equipment to staff in the most efficient way? How do you make your workplace inspection checklist perfect? Can you better streamline your workplace inspection checklist?

Well, as always, there is a label that can handle that. Combined status labels communicate key information to employees and maintenance staff concerning the health of equipment. They also provide details on how to maintain equipment properly.

Below, we’ll discuss how combined status labels work, and why they should be part of your workplace safety inspections.

What Are Combined Status Labels?

Combined status labels are dual-entry stickers that communicate three key pieces of information:

  • The type of service the equipment needs
  • Whether the equipment has been serviced
  • When the next service is due

Overall, there are several types of inspections:

  • Services
  • Safety checks
  • Electrical safety
  • Lubrication tests

There are also inspection failed labels. One states that the equipment is “uncontrolled”, while the other simply warns employees to not use it.

How Do Combined Status Labels Help With Workplace Inspections?

Combined status labels make workplace inspections more efficient and they allow equipment inspection checklists to be updated faster.

Without them, it can be more time-consuming to highlight failing equipment, which increases the risk of them being used accidentally.

Quarantining malfunctioning equipment is a major part of workplace inspections and maintenance, which we’ve discussed in our blog post: Audits and Inspections: How to Be Inspection Ready

Overall, these labels cut time, costs and the risk of dangerous equipment being used.

Maintaining Equipment With Combined Status Labels

Combined status labels are used on equipment, tools, fittings, fixtures and process plants to help with maintenance.

The labels inform staff about the status of a piece of equipment by communicating inspection and maintenance information. This ensures that broken equipment isn’t used, which keeps your pricey tools running for longer.

By streamlining inspections, too, they can cut down on costs – if an inspection isn’t easy, it can take a while, meaning you may need to pause production for longer.

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