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We’ve all been there: you’ve just bought a fragile item online, and it’s arrived damaged. How could this happen? Aren’t regulations in place to stop this? Why was the big sticker stating “fragile” ignored?

Transporting fragile goods is difficult. However, there are regulations in place to stop goods from arriving damaged, and buyer protections exist. It is better to use fragile stickers as these proactively prevent damage.

Below, we’ll discuss what fragile means, how fragile stickers help, the regulations around shipping fragile items, and the types of fragile goods businesses often handle.

What Does “Fragile” Mean?

“Fragile” refers to any item that is easy to damage or break. In the world of shipping, this refers to fragile goods. Similarly, “fragile goods” refers to any item you’re transporting which is “of a brittle or delicate nature and is likely to break”.

Common types of fragile materials are:

When shipping these materials, you have to follow slightly different shipping procedures. Of course, there are other examples of fragile goods, so always exercise common sense when shipping these.

What Are The Regulations Around Delivering Fragile Goods?

The Royal Mail governs the regulations and advice around posting fragile items in the UK. Generally, most couriers and exporters follow the Royal Mail’s advice.

The Royal Mail advises the following:

  • Choose a rigid but lightweight box, which keeps costs down but also protects its contents.
  • Add packaging. Bubble wrap is ideal.
  • Mark your box as fragile with appropriate tape and labels.
  • Use “Special Delivery Guaranteed” shipping, as this provides a layer of security and compensation.

So, essentially, you need a good box, bubble wrap, special shipping and high-quality fragile labels and tapes.

How Do Fragile Stickers Help?

Fragile stickers help by quickly communicating information to couriers on the package they’re handling. These stickers help massively across the shipping industry.

However, problems can occur when stickers are affixed to packages incorrectly or if they’re not eye-catching enough to be noticed.

Having the correct fragile stickers can mean the difference between a happy and an unhappy customer, so they’re worth the investment. Without them, you’re risking damaging your exports and, most importantly, the relationship you have with your customers.

Curious about where to get fragile stickers? Well, you’re in luck.

High-Quality, Durable Fragile Stickers

At Label Source, we stock a wide range of fragile labels and stickers that last. We also supply fragile tape, which protects your items further.

With our range, you won’t have to worry about these labels falling off during transit, and their eye-catching design ensures even the sleepiest of couriers handle your packages with care.

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