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You may not have a clear idea in your head of what exactly you want from barcode labels, but what we can give you is 6 things that will not faze their usage, and thus convince you of their quality and competence under certain conditions.

So, let’s begin:

1. Water – Depending on where you’re planning to stick these labels, this feature could definitely come in handy.

2. Rubbing – Now, we all may enjoy a rub from time to time, but excessive rubbing can leave stickers damaged and unreadable – not ours though.

3. Abrasion – Much like rubbing, abrasion can cause your labels to crack, peel, or fade, which is why we manufacturer ours to cope with such pressures.

4. Chemicals – Some of the very corrosives our labels warn of could – ironically – do harm to the labels themselves, which is why ours are resistant to such terrors!

5. Temperatures up to +90˚C – Although 90˚C is a pretty extreme heat, our stickers will stay stuck in such warmth.

6. Temperatures above -30˚C – Minus 30˚C is pretty damn cold, not for our labels though, they’ll stay put even if you can’t.