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Having an organised, efficient warehouse can have numerous benefits, both for your business and employees.

Nobody likes to work in a disorganised, stressful workplace, especially in the fast and frenetic atmosphere of a busy warehouse. That’s where proper labelling comes in.

Warehouse labelling is something we can take for granted. It’s easy to go for barebones, quick solutions to organisational problems, but by using arrow labels, decals and stickers, you can easily manage warehouse inventory.

Below, we discuss the benefits of arrow labels and stickers, as well as how to use them.

Why You Should Use Arrow Labels and Decals

The major reasons why you should use directional arrow stickers is to hit the three cornerstones of good warehouse management:

  • Flow – allowing for fluid movements of materials, shipments, people and traffic.
  • Space – allowing there to be enough space for storage, between employees, pallets, traffic lanes, etc.
  • Accessibility – ensuring products are accessible and found easily.

In order for a warehouse to satisfy these three elements, warehouse racking must be organised in a sensible, logical fashion. This means inventory needs to be highlighted for employees.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through arrow labels. These can come in four different sizes and allow for the quick, easy markup of stock or product locations on racks, beams and shelves.

With self-adhesive vinyl, these labels can be removed without leaving residue behind, meaning you can reorganise your warehouse after using them.

These arrows can come with alphabet labels and numbers for stock and product identification.

How to Use Large Arrow Stickers

To use arrow stickers properly, place them on racks of important stock in a way that can be clearly seen.

Also, make sure there is enough space between each separate set of arrow stickers, as the last thing you want is for these to contribute to confusion, not reduce it.

As the majority of labels are non-adhesive, you don’t need to worry about permanent adhesive damage to racks either, so don’t worry if you move stock around frequently.

Figuring out how to manage warehouse inventory and how to organise a warehouse needs to be done at a strategy level, but using these labels properly can help considerably.

Discover Arrow Labels Today

Our range of directional arrow stickers range from 16mm to 75mm in high visibility colours. Available in black on yellow and black on white, our range of arrow labels will keep your warehouse neat, tidy and efficient.