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Tamper Evident Asset Tags

Made of tamper-evident polyester, these tamper proof asset labels are ideal for keeping your assets secure. When removed, the labels delaminate and leave behind a permanent printed pattern as evidence of removal; furthermore, since the two parts of the label cannot be removed intact, it will be clear if somebody has attempted to re-apply your labels following removal.

Our tamper-evident asset tags are available in the following designs:

Tamper Proof Asset Labels - Further Details:

Our tamper-evident labels are supplied with a permanent acrylic adhesive. This gives the labels a good initial tack, as well as a high final adhesion when applied to a variety of surfaces, including metals and plastics with stippled and low energy finishes.

The adhesive is resistant to chemicals, humidity, and elevated temperatures (the operating temperature range for these products is -30°C to +149°C). This makes the labels almost impossible to remove cleanly, and the printed pattern that is left behind upon removal will ensure that your assets will be easy to identify if lost or stolen.

These conformable asset labels are available in 5 standard sizes, ranging from 12mm x 25mm to 38mm x 76mm. They are commonly used to label the following items, particularly for warranty or guarantee purposes:

  • Tools
  • Computers & IT Equipment
  • Instruments
  • Electronics

For further information about our tamper evident asset tags, call Label Source on 0800 3761 693 or email sales@labelsource.co.uk.

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