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Destructible Asset Labels

These custom-printed destructible asset labels are made of tamper-proof cast PVC vinyl. The self-adhesive material will fragment on attempted removal; this key security feature prevents your asset labels from being removed and/or transferred intact.

Our destructible labels are available in the following sizes and designs:

Why Use Destructible Labels?

Asset labels are used to mark, track, and identify your property. If one of your assets - a computer, for example - is stolen, the thief may attempt to remove the asset label, thereby eliminating any proof that the stolen item belonds to you.

However, by using Label Source's destructible asset labels, you prevent this from happening. When the thief attempts to remove the label, it will fragment and tear, ensuring that your property remains labelled and that the thief will be unable to sell it on.


Destructible Asset Labels - More Information:

These tamper-proof labels are available in 5 standard sizes (ranging from 12mm x 25mm to 38mm x 76mm). We can customise each label's design to suit your needs - for example, your company name and logo can be included for easy identification.

Our destructible labels use a permanent adhesive, which has a good initial tack and high final adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including metals and plastics. They are commonly used on curved tools, computers and instruments, particularly for warranty or guarantee purposes. The operating temperature for these labels is -50°C to +110°C.

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