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Asset Tags & Serial Number Labels

If you wish to implement a labelling system that will allow you to locate and track your assets at any time, Label Source's asset tags and serial number labels are perfectly suited to the job. These robust numbered labels are available in a wide range of different materials, and they can be customised to include your company name, your logo, and other information.

We aim to provide asset tags for any and all applications. The numbered labels in our Serial Numbering section can be used on low-energy surfaces; they can cope with high temperatures and harsh environments; and, if necessary, we can provide destructible or tamper-evident asset labels to enhance security and deter theft.

We also supply Barcode Labels & Tags, and Asset Marking Labels & Stencils.

To purchase your asset tags, please select one of the following categories:

Numbered Asset Tags: Uses

Our serial number labels can be used on:

  • Fixed assets
  • Infrastructure
  • I. T. equipment and computer hardware
  • Stock and inventory
  • Tools and instruments

The numbered labels are designed to help determine ownership, as well as providing details for warranty, guarantees and servicing.


More details about our numbered labels

We sell several different types of serial numbered labels:

  • Assetmark: Self-adhesive vinyl labels for general purpose use.
  • Assetmark Plus: Polyester labels designed for higher operating temperatures.
  • Assetmark Foil: Aluminium foil labels for internal and external use.
  • Assetmark Destructible: Vinyl labels that fracture on attempted removal.
  • Assetmark Tamper Evident: Vinyl asset labels that leave behind a security pattern when removed.


Custom Asset Tags

If you need a specific design for your serial number labels, email design@labelsource.co.uk to discuss your requirements. You can work together with our design team to create a label that's specifically suited to your needs - as previously mentioned, you can even include your company name and/or logo.

Our high-calibre numbered labels are available in a variety of sizes and materials, and we can provide bespoke sizes if needs be. Call 0800 3761 694 (UK only) or +442920 865212 (outside UK) for further information.

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