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So, you’re setting up an event. You know what it’s for, where and when, and have organised any add-ons like food stalls and toilets. Now, it’s time to make sure that everything runs safely and smoothly with accurate signage.

First Things, First

As part of your event safety management, you should ask any contractors to demonstrate their knowledge of health and safety before they begin work on-site. You should also discuss and confirm with them that they have the right resources to do their job safely.

One of the most important things to organise before any work starts is to ensure you have sufficient first aid and welfare support on-site. If there are any injuries, you must be able to provide help from the beginning of the event’s organisation.

Key Signage for Event Management

Ensuring that anyone attending your event site knows of any major hazards is paramount, and the easiest way of doing this on a wide scale is through accurate signage. Below are some of the most useful signs and labels in event planning, and where they should be used.

Barrier Tapes

Barrier tapes are a must-have for event planning because of their multifunctionality. They are useful for cordoning off dangerous or inaccessible areas, as well as splitting up various designated zones.

Barrier tape can also be a very successful method of crowd control in bigger events, both in sectioning off different crowds and creating efficient queue systems for entrances or stalls.

Social Distancing Signage

Whilst social distancing is becoming more relaxed in terms of the law, it’s still an effective way of keeping people safe by maintaining hygiene standards and respecting personal space.

Social distancing signage like floor signs or barriers can be used for showing how much space is a good distance to leave between yourself and the person in front or behind. Queuing signs can help with crowd control, particularly at site entrances.

Hygiene and General Safety Signs

Tying in with Covid-19-related signage, you should ensure that your event has plenty of hygiene signage to keep your site safe. Handwashing or sanitising stations, for example, should be fitted with accurate signage to encourage use from guests.

Accurate signage for bins and recycling points will also help keep your event site cleaner and therefore more hygienic, particularly if you’re serving food or selling merchandise at the event.

Warning Signs

In the case of events with electricals, such as music performances, you should have adequate signage around any raised surfaces with wiring underneath, or even more importantly around any exposed wiring and cables.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire, your guests must know where to go and how to get there. When organising an event, you must ensure that any fire doors are accurately labelled, as well as fire assembly points and directional arrows to fire exits.

All fire extinguishers should also be fitted with the correct signage of which kinds of fire that extinguisher can be used to put out. Be sure that your event is properly prepared for a fire with Label Source’s range of fire safety signs that are perfect for health and safety at events.

Reflective Arm Bands

Proper safety clothing, such as reflective armbands, should always be worn by workers and volunteers at your event. This helps the safety of both those wearing the armband and those attending the event.

We supply a range of reflective arm bands at Label Source that state various roles for workers at your event, such as first aider or traffic marshal. Having labelled arm bands can help with the smoothness of your operation, ensuring that guests can clearly see who to go to for any concerns.

Signage for Vehicles and Parking

Where vehicles are allowed on site you should make sure there are clear road signs depicting the safe speed limit, as well as properly signposting any road hazards.

To create an even smoother experience for your guests’ arrival and departure, you may also want to consider signposting the layout of parking, depending on the size of your event.

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Bringing your risk assessment to life is a crucial part of organising an event, but at Label Source, we can help you with that.

Health and safety when organising an event can be easy with the right supplies. From safety signs to hygiene and barrier tape, we have all the signs and labels you need to put on an event as safe as it is fun, whatever the size, place, or reason. Browse our range today, and please get in touch if you have any questions!