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Social Distancing Signs, Labels and Stickers

Enforcing social distancing is something we’re all aware of due to COVID-19, but putting it into practice can be difficult. Whether it’s through forgetfulness or by accident, social distancing rules can be broken without people realising.

Businesses, employees, staff and the general public all have a collective responsibility whenever social distancing rules are put in place, but nobody is perfect, especially when there is a lack of social distancing safety signs.

Social distancing signs have two objectives: the first is to keep people at least 2 metres apart and the second is to maintain hygiene standards.

That’s where our social distancing range can help. Whether it’s a modest “please queue here” sign or a hand wash symbol, signs, labels and stickers can be the foundation of social distancing strategy.

Social Distancing Safety Signs For Shops, Businesses, Schools and Public Buildings

Our social distancing range includes a number of signs, including:

  • Wash your hands signs
  • Keep your distance signs
  • Hand sanitiser signs
  • Distance symbols
  • Queue here signs
  • Hand wash symbols
  • Social distancing floor stickers

By using these signs together, a business or public place can enjoy the peace of mind that its visitors are not only keeping themselves safe but also the employees who work there.

Discover our full range below.

If you need any other kind of social distancing floor signs, distancing symbols or need unique sizes or specifications, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 3761 693 (or for outside UK +44 1443 842769), or email sales@labelsource.co.uk for advice or a quotation.

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