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Fragile Labels

Fragile labels are used to mark boxes, crates or containers in transit, warning those transporting them that the contents cannot withstand handling too much. This ensures that personnel take extra care whilst transporting the valuable goods and can prevent both damage to the item and injury to those manoeuvring it.

Our adhesive fragile labels are made of either paper or vinyl, depending on your personal preference. You will also see in our range of fragile labels that we offer stickers, stencils and fragile tape that are specially designed to fulfil the same function. So, you can use whichever method best suits your packaging when it requires extra care.

This range of fragile stickers and fragile labels also includes ones marked ‘this way up’, 'do not stack' and ‘keep dry’, so your delivery person can keep your packages in the best condition until they arrive at their destination.

The red background of these fragile stickers makes them easy to see for those delivering, ensuring that the utmost care is taken when handling your packages. Special instructions, like these easy-to-understand fragile stickers, among other shipping labels, are worth investing in to alert handlers of the contents and make for a more reliable delivery.

Both sender and recipient will be much more satisfied if the fragile items survive the delivery process, so ensure that this is the case by purchasing your own fragile stickers, stencils, tapes or labels online from Label Source.


What Are Label Source’s Fragile Stickers and Stencils Made From? 

Our fragile handle with care stencils are made of sturdy plastic and are available in four different size options, so you can choose the one which will best fit the size of packages you typically send.

Our fragile labels are made from self-adhesive paper, making them environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Have a look at our blog posts for more information on the different label material types, and the benefits of aluminium foil labels.

How Many Fragile Labels Will I Get? 

The number of labels you will receive per order varies by which product you buy. Our fragile stickers with pictograms typically come as rolls of 250 labels, whereas our text only circular stickers and white background pictogram only stickers typically come as rolls of 500. Our fragile tape comes as a 66m roll, and our heavy-duty labels come in packs of 25.

Where Do Label Source Deliver To? 

At Label Source, we deliver to the UK mainland, as well as the rest of Europe. However, please be aware that orders to Europe may be charged for custom duties and taxes. Our quality products will get to you wherever you are when you shop online with Label Source.

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