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Chemical Hazard Signs & Safety Labels

We provide a wide variety of chemical hazard signs, hazard labels, chemical safety signs and stickers for the labelling of hazardous chemicals. These chemical signs are specifically designed to educate and protect those who work with or near potentially dangerous substances; as such, they are highly visible, extremely versatile, and utilise internationally-recognised symbols for quick hazard identification.

We also supply COSHH signs and tapes, and gas cylinder safety products.

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Chemical Safety Signs - Further Details:

Our chemical labelling products come in the form of signs, labels, stickers and tapes. No matter how your chemicals are stored, we can provide an effective means of labelling them.

Label Source's chemical hazard signs are made to comply with a variety of regulations, including GHS, CLP, and ISO EN 7010. This means that, after using our products, you can be confident in your compliance with these internationally-recognised standards, and in the health and safety measures that you have taken.

Here are some of the hazards that our chemical signs can be used to identify and warn of:

  • Flammable/explosive substances
  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Dangers to the environment
  • Gases under pressure
  • Oxidisers
  • Harmful/irritant substances

With a variety of different sizes available, we at Label Source are confident that we can provide an appropriate chemical hazard sign or warning label for any set of requirements. However, if you cannot find a product to suit your needs, please get in touch - we may be able to create a bespoke chemical labelling product for your circumstances.

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