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GHS Labels

GHS Sign and labels in use at workplaceIf you work with dangerous chemicals, our comprehensive range of GHS labels will allow you to clearly identify any hazards and minimise the risk of an accident.

GHS stands for Globally Harmonised System, and this system is the international standard for chemical labelling. GHS was created by the United Nations to ensure that dangerous chemicals would be labelled in the same way all over the world, and it now supercedes other EU classification standards, so it is important to ensure that any chemical labels you purchase are compliant with GHS regulations.

Label Source's collection of GHS hazard labels covers all possible bases, and with GHS regulations becoming legally binding in the UK in May 2015, these labels will help you to keep your workplace both safe and legal.

We sell GHS-compliant labels for the following hazards:

  • Explosive chemicals
  • Flammable chemicals
  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Environmental hazards
  • Pressurised gases
  • Irritant/harmful substances

Our full range of GHS labelling products can be found below.

In addition to the Globally Harmonised System, these labels also comply with CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) Regulations for Chemicals (mixtures and substances). GHS has been implemented in the EU through the CLP Regulation 1272/2008. Our GHS chemical labels are available in a selection of sizes to cater for different packages by capacity.

GHS Hazard Labels - More Information:

These red-and-white chemical labels are designed to ensure the health and safety of both your workforce and the general public. Any potentially hazardous chemicals should be properly labelled with the correct GHS hazard symbol to minimise the likelihood of injury and illness.

If you are in possession of unlabelled chemicals, it is crucial that you rectify this situation ASAP and apply the correct GHS hazard labels where necessary. For example, toxic or poisonous substances should be identified with the instantly recognisable Toxic symbol, while potentially flammable material should be marked with a Flammable label.

All of our GHS labels are self-adhesive, allowing you to affix them with ease. A clear polypropylene laminate protects the surface of each label without compromising its visibility. We also sell blank GHS labels for thermal and laser printers, as well as an official GHS classification sign for informational purposes.

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