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Asset Marking Labels & Stencils

Mark your assets with a variety of labels and stencils from Label Source. The products in this department allow you to provide clear ownership details on your goods; this enables easy identification and heightens security.

We also supply Asset Tags & Serial Number Labels, and Barcode Labels & Tags.

More on our asset marking products

Marking your assets with our labels and stencils will make it easier for you to identify and track your property. Asset marking is also an effective security measure; potential thieves will be discouraged from stealing your goods if said goods are marked to show your ownership.


Asset Marking Labels

Our asset marking labels use large letters and numbers to identify equipment, vehicles, plant, fixtures and fittings. The character heights range from 25mm to 75mm, enabling visual recognition from a reasonable distance.


Asset Marking Stencils

Label Source's security marking stencils offer added protection from theft by permanently etching ownershup information onto IT equipment and electrical appliances. This cannot subsequently be removed except by gouging the area away from the stencil image - an unattractive prospect for thieves, as this approach both devalues the item and arouses suspicion in potential buyers.


Our asset marking stencils are incredibly versatile, and can be used on plastic, metal and glass.



Supermark is a product that's both a label and a stencil; this means that your assets will be marked in two different ways, giving you even greater security and peace of mind.

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Alternatively, you may find that our self-adhesive asset tags are better suited to your requirements.

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