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Laminated Safety Labels

Laminated labels are required for marking products, equipment, building fixtures, fittings, electrical controls, switchgear and more. All our laminated labels are produced to meet international standards, including United Kingdom (UK) and European (EU) standards. All symbols, colours and layouts comply with ISO EN 1710 and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

These waterproof vinyl stickers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, even in demanding environments, thanks to their extra permanent adhesive. They’re also abrasion,oil, grease, chemical resistant and UV resistant. Printed and supplied in packs of 25 labels. With a minimum order of one pack of 25 labels, their excellent quality makes these labels a great price.

Our laminated labels come as standard shapes and are of the absolute highest quality. With no hidden charges,We offer excellent customer service and quick delivery to both UK mainland addresses and to those further afield.

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Why Should I Invest in Laminated Labels?

Laminating labels and stickers makes them last significantly longer. By laminating them, labels become eligible for outdoor applications and resistant to other things like chemicals, therefore making them last longer and much more cost effective.

For more information on when to laminate labels, have a look at our blog on When and How to Laminate Labels.

What Are Laminated Stickers Made of?

These stickers are printed onto standard PVC vinyl, and are then laminated to keep the image protected in various conditions and situations.

When Are Laminated Labels Useful?

Whether using stickers and labels as mandatory markers, using property labels, voltage stickers, or anything in between, the laminated material makes these stickers less prone to scratching, getting wet, and any other damage. Laminated stickers are a fantastic product, and our fast delivery and efficient service make Label Source the right place to get them.

How Strong Are Laminated Stickers?

Our laminated vinyl stickers are our strongest form of sticker, as these printed labels are weather and chemical resistant. Their self-adhesive base also makes these vinyl labels easy to apply, despite their strength.

Thanks to their excellent print quality and easy-to-understand images, these vinyl labels are easy to incorporate into a number of uses and situations.

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