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Farm Safety Signs

This range of farm safety signs concentrates on providing warnings to visitors to the countryside and staff of farm animals and livestock, such as:

  • Cattle
  • Bulls
  • Horses
  • Loose dogs
  • Sheep

As well as rural pursuits or activities (shooting, tractor movement, chemical crop spraying), and dangers from grain silos, farm equipment, agricultural chemicals (agrochemicals), pesticides, dust hazards(grain, poultry), and barbed wire.

The potential hazards can include crushing, entanglement, stabbing, shearing, abrasion or friction injuries, electrocution, or respiratory failure.

View our range of Agricultural Safety Signs Below:

Other safety signs

Further related health and safety signs to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and subsequent relevant regulations can be found in other sections of this site.

Some cover the dangers from electricity, building electrical supply, overhead power lines, underground cables and the use of portable tools can be found in electrical hazards.

COSHH signs highlight the dangers of storing, transporting and using cleaning chemicals, dairy disinfectants, fertilisers, pesticides and veterinary medicines.

Slip, trip and fall signs cover the risks when working on roofs, using vehicles, loading trailers, forklift trucks, scaffolding or ladders, or when on bales and tree cutting.

Other risks can include asbestos in buildings or workshops, demolition, excavations, sheep dips, grain bins, breathing problems from welding fumes and slurry pit gases, biological bacterias, skin diseases, manual handling and vibration (hand and arm or full body versions).

Protective equipment and clothing (PPE) for farms can include coveralls, wet weather clothing, gloves, footwear, eye protectors, hearing protection, gloves, safety helmets or hairnets.

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