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RoHS & WEEE Labels

We provide a range of environmental labels to comply with both RoHS (the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and WEEE (the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive). These two directives were brought in to ensure that hazardous substances and electronic appliances would be used safely and disposed of correctly throughout the EU and the European Community.

Our RoHS and WEEE labels should be used to identify potentially hazardous substances for the purposes of environmental protection and health and safety.

We offer the following label options:

More Information on RoHs & WEEE

RoHS is a directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in consumer goods. These substances are as follows:

  • Lead (Pb)
  • Cadmium (Cd)
  • Mercury (Hg)
  • Chrome (Cr6+)
  • Bismuth (Bi)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (Pbde)
  • Polybrominated Biphenyl (Pbb)

Our RoHS labels help you to identify these substances or - in some cases - their absence. 

WEEE is a related directive that focuses on electronic and electrical waste. Our WEEE disposal labels should be used with:

  • Household appliances (large and small)
  • IT/telecommunications equipment
  • Consumer equipment
  • Light bulbs and other lighting equipment
  • Electronic/electrical tools
  • Toys with electrical/electrionic components
  • Leisure and sports equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Monitoring/control instruments
  • Automatic dispensers
  • Semiconductor devices

In addition to our RoHS and WEEE labels, we also sell a range of labels for China RoHS marking and the disclosure of substances in electronic information products.

Need to know more about our RoHS/WEEE disposal labels? Can't find the label you're looking for? Contact Label Source now and we'll do whatever we can to assist you.

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