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Wet Floor Signs

The use of a wet floor sign is vital, given that slips are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Whether you have spilled a glass of coke in a hospitality setting or you have a leak in your office, the prominent placement of such signs could make the difference to staff and customer safety. 

Featuring the widely recognised EU legislation compliant pictogram and clear lettering, our caution wet floor signs may alert visitors to slip hazards such as the on-floor presence of grease, rainwater or other liquids. Ensure that you meet your legal and moral obligations with these high quality wet floor signs.

Wt Floor Signs FAQs

What are wet floor signs & labels?

Label Source wet floor signs are produced for the purpose of communicating the risk of slipping to employees and the general public. You can maintain optimum safety levels with the arrangement of signs, A-boards, markers, and tape featuring the distinctive wet floor warning.  Such use of caution wet floor signage should ensure that people either completely avoid or continue with awareness of slip hazards.

Why do I need wet floor signs & labels?

The consequences of a workplace slip could vary in severity, from bruising to concussion, and worse. At the very least, such incidents could be the cause of visitor dissatisfaction. Alternatively you could face major compensation claims, with the variety of injuries potentially having a life-changing impact. It is essential that you place wet floor signs and labels at the earliest opportunity after identifying such risks.

What can wet floor signs & labels be used for?

Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, wet floor signs and labels may alert staff and visitors to slip hazards such as:

  • Rainwater

  • Condensation

  • Spilled substances

For maximum awareness you may choose to combine the placement of wet floor safety signs with A-frames and floor markers. It might also be necessary to indicate hazards with risk of tripping, slippery when wet, and deep water signage from Label Source.

Where should wet floor signs & labels be located?

Wet floor signs and labels should be positioned either immediately following the identification of a slip hazard or as warnings in areas where such incidents are likely to happen (entrances and restrooms being a couple of examples). You must ensure that caution wet floor signage is clearly visible at eye level and from a distance. 

Wet floor signage should form a triangular enclosure, ensuring awareness as people approach from different angles. Our wet floor barrier tape is ideally suited to the cordoning off of such hazardous areas. You should also ensure security camera coverage where possible, in case of the need to prove your limited liability.

With the assurance of a fast and efficient service it makes sense to purchase your wet floor signs from Label Source.

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