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Reflective Adhesive Tape

All our reflective tape is weatherproof for both indoor and outdoor application, with excellent chemical resistance and high visibility. The tape construction is based on glass beads impregnated into plastic, and has a polyacrylic adhesive backing.

The range of self-adhesive, high visibility reflective adhesive tapes can be used in the dark; when exposed to natural or artificial light, our tape brightens, ensuring it can be seen by anyone in the area for optimal safety.

All our high visibility reflective adhesive tape complies with Chapter 8 standards and ECE 104 regulations. For industry-recognised reflective adhesive tape, see below.

What is Reflective Tape?

Reflective tapes are used for marking equipment, corridors, buildings and more. In some areas of work they may be used sparingly, but in others they may be an essential part of the premises to either maintain safety or optimise the general order of the area.

Our reflective tapes are self-adhesive, making them easy to apply wherever necessary. We also offer a vast range of colours within our range of reflective adhesive tape, meaning we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

How to Use Self-Adhesive Tape 

Thanks to their self-adhesive backing, our high visibility reflective tapes are easy to use by simply pressing it against the surface you wish to mark.

Our range of engineering grade reflective adhesive tape is affordable and effective. Label Source’s reflective tape self-adhesive has an extremely wide number of uses, including the marking of:

• Bollards
• Fence posts
• Entrance way barriers and gates
• Plants and machinery
• Vehicles
• Hazardous conditions.

Reflective tape is a necessity to warn clients, customers, fellow staff and the general public of any potential hazards they might encounter. For more advice on using our highly visible reflective tapes, have a look at our blog on where and when to use fluorescent tapes.

We also supply safety and floor marking tapes, safety and floor directional tapes, laminated warning tapes, and fluorescent tapes that further optimise safety when combined with our high visibility reflective tapes.

Can’t find the right reflective adhesive tape for your workplace? Contact us at Label Source to discuss your requirements with our sales team – we are almost certain to have the tape you need.

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