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Shipping Stickers and Tapes

We sell a wide variety of packaging products, including self-adhesive labels, packaging tapes, and laser-cut stencils, all of which can be used to mark dispatches, shipments, and goods in transit.

All of the labels in our Packaging section comply with the internationally-recognised symbols outlined in ISO 780. These labels are available in a selection of sizes and material types; the use of ISO packaging is a good way to ensure that your instructions are seen, understood, and followed by those responsible for handling your items. 

Also included here is our comprehensive collection of fluorescent dispatch labels. These high-visibility stickers can be used to give additional information on pallets, packages and parcels.

In addition to our various labels, you will also find a selection of packaging tapes and stencils in this section of our website. These items provide versatile alternatives to self-adhesive stickers, allowing you to package and label your goods in any way you see fit.

To purchase your packaging materials from Label Source, please select one of the following categories:

Further Information on Our Packaging Products

Our Packaging collection covers a broad range of common instructions, including:

  • Fragile
  • Do Not Drop
  • Keep Dry
  • Protect From Heat
  • No Hooks/Forks/Blades
  • Perishable
  • Do Not Stack
  • Heavy - Do Not Lift

This is just a small sample - select a category from the list above to see more.

Our self-adhesive packaging tapes convey a similar set of instructions as the labels descibed above. Our most commonly-used tapes are:

  • Urgent
  • Handle With Care
  • This Way Up

Finally, our reusable plastic stencils can be used to mark crates, stillages, pallets and packing cases for export or international shipment.

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