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Construction Site Safety Signs

Label Source stock a wide range of construction site signs covering a combination of safety issues involved in construction, demolition and civil engineering.

Our building site safety signs can focus on the need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as:

Safety helmets

High-visibility clothing

Protective footwear

Ear protection

Work gloves

These construction signs also advise on site guidelines and emergency procedures, helping workers and the general public to stay safe and react appropriately in an emergency. For instance, certain building site signs give information on how to administer first aid, while others warn unauthorised personnel not to enter the site for their own safety.

All of our building site safety signs comply with ISO EN 1710 and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996 Many of these signs are required by law in certain work environments.

If you have a question about our building site signs, or if you can't find the sign you're looking for, please contact Label Source for assistance.

Building Safety Signs

Our range of construction site safety products also strecthes to construction site tapescaffolding safety signs and construction mesh fencing


What are mandatory construction signs?

There are several types of signage that are mandatory when working in construction, all of which are paramount for employee and pedestrian safety.

From warning of dangerous machinery to signposting fire exits, post site signs all around your construction site for the best possible safety.

What are the different types of construction safety signs?

Necessary construction site signs can be broken down into four main categories of signage:

  • Warning Signs: These signs warn people of nearby dangers/hazards. Usually in the form of a yellow triangle with a black border, these signs cover every hazard from ‘wet floor’ to ‘high voltage electricity’.
  • Prohibition Signs: These signs forbit people from carrying out certain actions. For example, building site signs in this category might include ‘no access for unauthorised personnel’. These signs typically feature a pictogram representing the access, overlayed by a red circle with a line through it.
  • Mandatory Signs: These signs are the opposite of prohibition signs and indicate actions that must be carried out in certain circumstances. For example, ‘personal protective equipment must be worn’, or ‘fire door keep shut’. Typically, these signs feature a white pictogram on a blue background.
  • Emergency Signs: These signs provide information that will be needed in an emergency. Usually a white pictogram/phrase on a green background, these signs include information regarding emergency exits, first aid, and fire safety.
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