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Spill Control & Liquid Storage Signs

Our signs cover spill kits (general purpose, oil and hydrocarbons, and chemicals) with the relevant safety guidelines for dealing with emergency spills and leaks, including action instructions with relevant contact numbers, and guidance on handling procedures together with the personal protective equipment necessary to clear up the spill safely. These can be used as part of your ISO 14001 environmental policy and eco-audits.

Other ranges cover listings of chemicals, waste and special waste in storage plants or warehouses to advise staff, and the emergency services, to familiarise themselves with the potential risks from these spills or leaks, including secondary containment and contents of tanks, vessels, drums and IBC containers. Our drain isolation signs are a further visual aid to highlight the dangers of leaks entering the watercourse via the local drain network.

All these signs are aids to contain and control any incidents, including the location of spill response equipment, thus minimising any effects, and limiting exposure to dangers for people, property and the environment, including the location of spill response equipment.


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