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Voltage Labels

Our laminated voltage labels are designed for use alongside electrical supplies and other installations that may constitute an electrical hazard. They are self-adhesive for easy application, and the laminated surface helps to protect the voltage stickers from damage.

Electrical warning labels are essential for the prevention of electric shocks and other hazards. Select from the following designs:

Electrical Warning Labels - Further Information:

Our standardised black-and-yellow voltage labels are highly visible and easy to read. They can be used to denote specific operating voltages (110-11,000 volts), or simply to warn of a non-specific 'high voltage' or electric shock risk.

We also provide electrical warning labels for safety connections, live equipment, live busbars, and many other potential dangers.

All Label Source voltage stickers rub-test compliant; they are also abrasion- and chemical-resistant, and the laminated covering allows you to use these voltage labels in almost any setting.

Why mark your equipment with voltage labels?

  • Prevent injury and death in your workforce
  • Protect members of the public
  • Keep equipment safe from tampering

If you cannot find the voltage label you are looking for, give Label Source a call on 0800 3761 693. Alternatively, click here to see our full range of electrical warning labels and signs.

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