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Chains Connectors

At Label Source, we sell a wide selection of chains and connectors to match a range of requirements.

Jack chain, an all purpose chain is supplied in solid brass or zinc coated or galvanized steel. These wire products are constructed of figure eight shaped loops connected at 90° right angles. While highly flexible, this chain is suitable for light duty applications, but should not be used with heavy structures. Suitable for mounting signs, and tags.

Ball chain or beaded link chain, with connectors, is available in nickle plated steel, brass and stainless steel. This is constructed of metal balls connected with short lengths of wire. This is supplied in pack lengths (which can be easily cut to exact size by the customer), or supplied in specific lengths. Some common uses are for attaching tags, and on dogtags.

S hooks in brass can be used for suspending tags from valve fittings, or fixing from rods or wires. These are non corrosive, have good electrical and thermal conductivity, are non magnetic, and are spark free.

Connectors and Chains from Label Source

With such a diverse collection of chains and connectors, it may be hard to decide whether you need a ball chain or a jack chain. Luckily, we are always on hand to advise you on products, so feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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