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Pallet Bay and Floor Markers

This range of floor markers provide high visibility means of marking aisles, corridors, walkways, warehouses, gymnasiums, sporting arenas, hospitals, factories and distribution centres, including pallet positioning, fork lift, industrial truck, traffic and pedestrian routes.

These are suitable for use on clean, sealed floor surfaces, and are a tough PVC construction, with a slip resistant surface, and an aggressive adhesive, suitable for withstanding traffic flow. They are resistant to chemicals and most conventional cleaning materials.

These high visibility produce of arrows, circles, corner locators, and pallet dividers (cross or L shaped) in four colour combinations.


Material is rigid PVC with thickness 200 micron in six matt coloured finishes (yeelow, red, green and blue, and the recently added black and white). The adhesive is a heavy duty pressure sensitive acrylic.

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