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Self-Adhesive Document Wallets & Clear Magnetic Document Pockets


A range of document pockets, document wallets and document holders for use with common warehouse racking and stock transportation equipment. Label Source offer four methods for affixing - magnetic wrap-around document holders for stock cages, magnetic strip document pockets for metal racking and similar surfaces, self-adhesive document pockets for attaching to tote boxes or where a more permanent bond is required, and zip-tie top document pockets. A4 self-adhesive document pockets are the most common size required, suitable for use with standard A4 paper from a range of commercial printers. Other sizes are available for a range of applications from A7 self-adhesive pockets to A3 magnetic document holders.

Just let us know your size and attachment requirements.

Further Information on Using Our Clear Magnetic Document Pockets, Self-Adhesive Document Wallets, and Other Label Pouches

There are two fixing alternatives for our document pockets:

  • Self-Adhesive Spine Label Pockets – These are for permanent attachment on non-metal surfaces. This is included with our adhesive document pouches and self-adhesive spine label pockets. These heavy-duty document pockets are incredibly versatile, suitable for use as adhesive plastic card holder pockets, adhesive backed document holders and in sizes from A4 self-adhesive documents wallets to A7.
  • Magnetic Display Pockets and Plastic Sleeves - These allow the document pockets to be relocated and affixed on metal surfaces, particularly metal railings. This is included in our magnetic display pockets and magnetic plastic sleeves. Again, these clear magnetic document pockets are incredibly versatile. Sporting a heavy-duty document pocket makeup, our magnetic display pockets can be used in a variety of industrial contexts.

Overall, the range of document enclosed wallet manufacturers in our range ensures their quality can rival market leaders such as the Beaverswood magnetic document pockets.

Uses for Clear Magnetic Document Pockets and Adhesive Document Pockets

Magnetic plastic sleeves and self-adhesive card holder pockets can be used on:

  • Racking – If you have metal racking, then consider using magnetic plastic sleeves. For all other non-magnetic racking, then use our self-adhesive label pockets. For safe, legible reading while on the factory floor, consider our heavy-duty clear magnetic document pockets in A4 or A5.
  • Shelving – For shelving, the same principles as the above apply. If they’re magnetic, then magnetic document pockets, for all other uses, then use adhesive backed document holders. Again, A4 or A5 document holders are recommended.
  • Cabinets – Self-adhesive spine label pockets can be affixed to cabinets easily, although magnetic cabinets could benefit from magnetic plastic sleeves.
  • Storage Containers – Magnetic plastic sleeves should be used on storage containers.
  • Workbenches – Workbenches are suitable for a whole range of adhesive document wallets. For smaller workbenches and documents, consider using A6 or A7 self-adhesive pockets.
  • Notice boards – Adhesive document pockets should be used on notice boards, with A4, A5, A6 and A7 self-adhesive pockets suitable.

Clip on or tie attachments are used on wire bins, roll cages, enclosures, meshed trucks, and picking trolleys.

Overall, our range of heavy duty document pockets has reliable clear plastic sleeves for documents. If you’re looking for a heavy duty, important document holder that has either a self-adhesive or magnetic spine in a variety of sizes, then look no further.

If you have any questions about our heavy duty document holders and A4 plastic document wallets, get in touch today, and we'll do our very best to help you find what you're looking for.

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