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Contaminated Land Signs

Use our range of contaminated land signs to identify hazards or dangers associated with polluted land, and to warn the workforce, contractors or the public. The contaminants may be on or under the soil or from residue, and could pose a threat to health or to the environment. The dangers may be corrosive, toxic, biological or radioactive, and may exist in dust, pollutants draining from the site in groundwater, or to ponds and rivers, or from gases such as methane.

The contamination can be caused by historical industrial processes or activities (solvents, petrol, oils, heavy metals etc.), from agricultural practices, or from waste disposal deposits.

These contaminated land signs can help to meet requirements under the Environmental Protection Act, Contaminated Land Regulations (2006) England and the 2012 amendment, the Water Act 2003, Contaminated Land Scotland Regulations 2000 and 2005 amendment, and the Welsh Government Statutory Guidance on Contaminated Land.

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