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Prohibition Signs

This covers a range of prohibition safety signs, which place restrictions on activities, or which prevent the use of specific equipment.

Safety restrictions may apply to eating or drinking, running, cycling, playing ball games, roller skating, climbing on racking, swimming or diving. Others may prevent obstructing, lifting, removing, dumping, or tipping.

Some of these signs indicate that mobile phones and cameras are not to be used, or that motorcycle helmets must be removed prior to entry. At scanners, people with pacemakers or metal implants may have that form of entry prohibited, and others require the removal of watches and other metal parts. Others are for security purposes, for instance leaving baggage unattended.

Equipment related safety signs may advise that the equipment should not be switched off, or have the switch settings altered, or that operation is to be solely by one person.

All these signs comply with ISO 1710 and the Safety Signs and Signal Regulations 1996.

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