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Photoluminescent Safety Signs and Tapes

Our range of photoluminescent safety signs and photoluminescent safety tapes glow in the dark in the event of a power failure, and are primarily used to identify fire and emergency exits, safety routes, fire action procedures and the location of fire fighting equipment.

These signs and their constituent materials adhere to several international standards. DIN 67510 refers to the luminance performance and method of testing. ISO 17398 refers to performance standards, durability and safety colour schemes. IMO 752 (18) is the International Marine Organisation's marine low location lighting escape route system and SOLAS (Safety of life at sea) regulations.

The safety signs also comply with ISO 1710, available in both self adhesive and rigid plastic, absorb ambient light (both natural and artificial) constantly recharging, and on the loss of that light source they will emit light to aid evacuation or continued operations as they remain highly visible in darkness. These signs are non-toxic, non-radioactive, free of lead or phosphorus, and solvent resistant.

These durable, maintenance free signs are available to identify first aid and emergency equipment, hazards both electrical, trip, overhead and radiation, assist locating personal protective equipment (PPE). Those are, in addition, to the more traditional applications of identifying fire extinguishers, fire phones, fire alarm call points and fire hose reels, and safety escape routes.

Users are found both offshore and on land. These include shipping, offshore platforms, airports, hospitals, defence establishments, oil installations, and power stations.

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