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Pipe Identification Labels

Our pipe identification labels can be used on painted pipework, on plain coloured tapes, or at connection points to further identify the contents of your pipes. These pipe ID labels consist of bold black text printed on transparent or clear self-adhesive vinyl. These are supplied in packs of 25 labels.

Our pipe identification range includes labels for gases (including nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and acetylene); for water services, hot water, HWS, CWS, et cetera; for alkaline and caustic substances; for oil and diesel; and for air. Use these pipe ID labels to further reinforce the safety procedures required in relation to the contents of the pipes.

We also supply Pipeline Identification Tape, Pipeline Flow Labels and Flow Indication Tape.

Need a bespoke set of pipe identification labels for your premises? Contact Label Source to request a quotation for your custom-made labelling solution.

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