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Biohazard Signs

Biological hazards are so dangerous because they are invisible to the naked eye, Biohazards such as influenza, SARS, tuberculosis, hepatitis, MRSA, AIDS, water borne infections(cholera, typhoid), food poisoning (salmonella, listeria) and BSE (mad cow disease) can be potentially life threatening so it is essential that you are labelling the hazardous areas clearly. The correct biological hazard warning signs allow for the material to be handled correctly, which drastically reduces the risk of an accident. 

Biohazard signs and labels are used to alert staff, visitors, freight and emergency services to take precautions on potential exposure, and on handling procedures. Affixing these signs to hazardous waste containers, evidence bags, contaminated clothing or refrigerators can help to protect people from the hazards and informs them that of the appropriate procedures or protective clothing that should be worn.   

Our Biohazard signs comply with ISO EN 7010 and Signs and signals regulations 1996, and transport regulations by road, rail, or air.


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