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Tamper Proof Labels

Industrial grade silver or metallised tamper evident checkerboard pattern polyester sheets are suitable for use on most mono and colour laser printers and copier machines. There are 44 different label sizes within this range, and they are supplied in packs of 25 sheets.

The sheets comprise of:

  • Matte-top coated laser receptive 61-micron thick polyester, with a patterned permanent bond adhesive on a glassine backing paper.
  • The material is UL listed, file numbers MH10170 and MH16635.
  • Sheets are A4 size (297mm high by 210mm wide).
  • Waterproof, resistant to weather, heat and chemicals.
  • Suitable for indoor/internal and outdoor/external applications.

Label applications include equipment security markers, asset identification, rating plates, maintenance labels, and quality, calibration and testing labels, and can include serial numbers and barcodes.

In total, we stock:

  • Anti-tamper labels and stickers
  • Printable tamper proof labels
  • Tamper evident labels and stickers

Templates can be supplied, and these can be easily formatted by using many standard computer programmes.

If you have any queries about these industrial grade tamper proof labels, please telephone Label Source on 0800 3761 693 (UK calls only) or 0044 1443 842769 (rest of the world). You can also email sales@labelsource.co.uk.

What Are Anti-Tamper Labels Good For?

Anti-tamper labels offer a layer of protection for your products and assets. In simple terms, they make it clear when something has been interfered with by leaving behind adhesive. This adhesive usually spells out a phrase such as “OPENED”.

This makes it clear that an asset has been interfered with. The most obvious use for an anti-tamper label is for security, but it also ensures that goods with potentially dangerous contents are kept sealed and secure.

To learn more about tamper-evident labels, read our detailed blog on the subject: ‘Tamper Evident Products & its Uses’.

How to Pick the Right Tamper-Evident Label

Picking the right anti-tamper sticker is all about finding the right size. You’ll want to pick a label that clearly goes over the point of access for an asset or product, as well as being easily seen on the packaging.

If the templates above don’t seem like the right fit, then please contact us. Custom templates are available, and we can find bespoke tamper-evident stickers to suit your needs.

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