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Electrical Phase Labels

These electrical phase labels are small, coloured-coded stickers that can be used to mark wiring systems within three-phase electrical supply systems in commercial, industrial, and other high-voltage applications.

Three-phase power is a popular method of generating, transmitting and distributing AC (alternating current) electricity. Each conductor of a three-phase system is identified using coloured-coded phase labels to allow for balanced loading and to provide correct phase rotation.

Colour codes vary between countries/territories. For instance, EU nations use brown (L1), black (L2), grey (L3) and blue (neutral), whereas India uses red (L1), yellow (L2), blue (L3) and black (neutral). Our electrical phase labels come in a variety of colours to suit all requirements.

Phase labels are available in two different sizes (10mm diameter and 20mm diameter). 100 labels per pack. International delivery available.

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