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Parking Signs

We can provide a wide variety of official Department of Transport parking signs for standard and electric vehicles, all of which are suitable for permanent use on roads and parking sites. Whether you are looking for No Parking signs, Pay & Display notices, or signs for disabled drivers, you'll find them all within the vast selection on this page.

Our parking signage is all made of aluminium (3mm thick, 11 standard wire gauge), and each one has a reflective face (class 1) to meet the European standard for fixed traffic signs (BS EN12899-1:2001). If necessary, we can also include a pack of mounting channel, allowing you to easily fix your sign to posts and walls.

These road signs identify parking restrictions, parking control, disclaimers, wheelclamping, site access information, prohibited activities, and assembly point locations. We also offer an assortment of no parking signs(including clamp warnings) to suit your specific needs, and our prices are extremely low for professional-quality signage.

Our signs are suitable for public and private car parks, parking bays for permit holders, from blue background signs for disabled parking to signs signifying time limits for parking zones, we offer a full range of all the parking signage you could need here at Label Source.

What Types of Parking Signs Are There?

We have a huge variety of parking and similar signs, with some of our most popular parking signs outlined below. Whatever your need, you’re sure to find the parking signs you’re looking for with Label Source.

If you’re looking for parking signs ahead of an event, you might want to have a look at our blog, Event Management: The Signs and Labels You Need to Run a Stress Free, Safe event, for some advice on which ones you might need.

No Parking Signs

Our no parking signs are made of aluminium and come in several variations, dependant on your specific requirements, such as ‘no parking in this area’ and ‘no parking beyond this point’, and other signage. All signs in the no parking range are on a red background to connote a warning and prevent vehicles from parking where they shouldn’t.

Private Parking Signs 

We have signs for private parking and private land to deter one-time visitors from using your car park for personal use. These signs are also made of aluminium to ensure longevity and are available both with and without a channel on the reverse of the sign.

Reserved Parking Signs 

Look no further, if you’re looking for a reserved parking sign. On a clear white background, this aluminium reserved sign is designed for longevity, and is 400x600mm. Clearly mark which parking spaces are unavailable to guests and visitors with this reserved parking sign.

Shut the Gate Signs 

Our ‘please shut the gate’ safety sign is a convenient size, and part of our collection of mini signs that are ideal for private properties. Made of semi-rigid plastic, this sign is sturdy without being too heavy for its size and has adhesive backing for easy application.

 No Smoking Signs

No smoking signs are useful to have in almost all locations, but particularly if you have a parking area that you don’t want people to smoke in. People will often class car parks as legal outdoor smoking areas regardless of an individual location’s rules, so it’s important to use signage to indicate when smoking is prohibited.

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