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Heavy Duty Barrier Tapes

Heavy duty barrier tapes are available on Label Source in a variety of chevron patterns. Used in all sorts of events from school fetes to outdoor sports, heavy duty barrier tapes are the versatile option. 

The yellow and black tapes denote hazard warning or cautionary action, red and white represents prohibition, green and white is for safe conditions, blue and white is to keep clear or keep off and red and yellow warns of radiation hazards.

These non-adhesive 45-micron plastic polythene tapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are UV (ultraviolet light) and scratch resistant, are lightweight to transport, and easy to dispense from their cardboard box.

These heavy duty barrier tapes prevent stretching in windy conditions while offering excellent value for money. Their distinctive colour schemes enable them to be widely used in crowd control at outdoor sports and entertainment events, on construction sites for identifying dangerous building works, and in the workplace (industrial, retail, commercial and public sector) to highlight and isolate areas for health and safety purposes. The tape can also be used in stock control for segregation of returns, damaged goods, dispatch goods, etc. 

The variety of uses for heavy duty barrier tapes speaks volumes for its quality. For the best value for money, buy your heavy duty barrier tape here. 

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