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Maintenance & Electrical Tags

We sell a wide range of electrical safety tags and various other maintenance tags, in order to help indicate when a product is out of use due to a safety hazard. Whether the item is out of order for repair, or is unsafe due to a risk of electrical sock or contamination, you can be sure to find a maintenance tag to suit your needs.

These tie-on tags are made of semi-rigid polypropylene plastic, and they are suitable for use with many different types of equipment and machinery.

Choose from the following maintenance tags and electrical safety tags:

How Can Our Maintenance Tags Help You?

Label Source's assorted maintenance tags are designed to help service operators to identify hazards and give instructions on safe use. Here are some examples of how our tags can be used:

  • Service personnel can use these tags to prevent others from activating machinery while in service
  • Our maintenance tags can be used to denote that a machine or a piece of equipment is out of order
  • Some tags are designed to indicate the presence of specific health hazards, such as gas or asbestos
  • Similarly, we sell a variety of electrical tags to warn of high voltages, live currents, and other electrical hazards

Our maintenance tags are durable and tear-resistant, with a print-receptive surface. The tags are commonly used during safety, electrical, mechanical and function inspections of electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic equipment.

For more information about Label Source's maintenance/electrical safety tags, give us a call on 0800 3761 693 (UK) or 0044 1443 842769 (International).

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