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Fire Equipment Signs

Fire equipment signs identify firefighting equipment; outline firefighting procedures and provide contact details and armbands for fire officers, fire marshals or fire wardens; or fire door rating nameplates.

The equipment signs cover fire extinguishers, fire alarm call points, fire hose reels, fire telephones, fire ladders, fire points, fire hydrants, fire alarms and fireman's switches.

Instructions can include the type of extinguishers (water, foam, CO2, dry powder) to fight specific types of fires, such as electrical fires, flammable liquid fires, etc. We also stock labels which signpost hose reels and fire blankets.

As part of our extensive safety sign range, we stock all colours of fire extinguisher signs, as well as identifying tags and labels for water, foam, dry, CO2 and chemical variants.

In addition to extinguisher labels, we also stock fire safety guides, logbooks, risk assessment kits and portrait labels.

Fire legislation requires adequate means of detecting and raising the alarm in the event of a fire in the workplace, and these signs can assist in meeting that obligation.

All these fire apparatus safety signs are produced to ISO EN 1710 and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996 and are available in both self-adhesive vinyl and rigid plastic.

Why Do I Need Fire Equipment Signs?

Fire Safety Signs, including fire exit signs, fire safety warnings, and other health and safety related fire action signs, are paramount for any public or employment setting. In the event of a fire, it must be easy to locate and use fire extinguishers and fire exits. Placing plenty of fire safety signs, such as fire exit signs, fire door signs, fire assembly point signs, and other fire warning signs will make your work environment a safer place. For more information, have a look at out blog on adhering to fire safety regulations.

Carrying out a fire risk assessment will tell you which fire safety signs are needed on your business premises. Fire safety in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer, so be sure to stay on top of risk assessments and employee training so that all information is consistently up to date.

Similarly, landlords are responsible for fire safety in their premises. It can be harder to manage fire safety when you’re not on location, so we’ve put together 7 fire safety tips for landlords.

It’s important to remember that you could face prosecution for breaching health and safety regulations if your workplace is missing any important fire safety signs.

If you have any queries about these fire equipment safety signs, please telephone us on 0800 3761 693 (UK calls only) or 0044 1443 842769 (rest of the world). You can also email sales@labelsource.co.uk.

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