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Floor Marking Tapes


Our floor marking tapes are used widely in the marking of aisles, corridors, and floors. Various floor tapes can be used to identify pedestrian or traffic routes, layouts of factory areas and sports court boundaries, the marking of hazards or dangers, as well as the location of fire and first aid or safety equipment.

The range of floor tapes is available in plain colours or with chevron designs. Our adhesive floor tapes are manufactured in 0.15mm vinyl with an aggressive, clear rubber-based adhesive, and are suitable for most internal, sealed floor surfaces. These versatile tapes are abrasion resistant and can withstand reasonable traffic flow.

We also supply Safety & Floor Directional Tapes, Laminated Warning Tapes, Reflective Tapes, and Fluorescent Tapes. Whatever you need, Label Source has a variety of tape for floor marking.

Where Is Floor Marking Tape Used?

Floor marking tape is used wherever there are hazards or to create aisles and spaces. Businesses across the UK use these tapes for a variety of different reasons; wherever you need to segregate stock or warn of its hazardous nature, floor tape can help.

How Is Floor Marking Tape Applied?

Floor marking tape can be applied in a number of ways. However, the recommended method is through a floor tape applicator. The process is to:

1) Clean and dry the floor.

2) Sketch out a guide of the tape using something like chalk.

3) Use the applicator to ensure lines stay straight. We’ve discussed this topic in detail with our blog post ‘How to Use a Tape Applicator Properly’.

What Colour Floor Tape Do I Need?

The colour and pattern of tape you choose is very important as each type communicates a different hazard or use. Find our floor tape colour guide below:

White – Used to mark equipment.

Red – Used to mark metal waste and scrap.

Orange – For inspection.

Yellow – Used to establish aisles and organise people traffic.

Green – Used to mark finished products awaiting export.

Blue – Used for pre-processed materials.

Black – Used for in-process materials.

Black and Yellow – Used to mark hazards, height restrictions and radioactive equipment.

White and Red – Used for fire-related uses, such as marking fire equipment, flammable materials and no-smoking zones.

White and Green – Used for first aid and medical-related uses, such as emergency exits, medical equipment and first aid zones.

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