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Confined Space Safety Signs

Confined space hazard warning safety signs are used to highlight the dangers associated with confined spaces. These are necessary to protect against a range of potential hazards including; a lack of oxygen, leading to asphyxiation; poisonous, or toxic gases; fire and explosions from flammable vapour, or excess oxygen; filling of the space from liquids or solids, leading to drowning or suffocation; residue left in tanks and vessels; high dust concentrations; or hot conditions leading to dangerous increase in body temperature.

The Confined Space Regulations1997 defines confined spaces, the potential hazards and remedial actions. Confined spaces consist of substantially enclosed areas include storage tanks, silos, vessels, enclosed drains, sewers, vats, ductwork, open-topped chambers, combustion chambers in furnaces, pits, trenches, flues, wells, culverts and unventilated or poorly ventilated rooms.

The signs outline the dangers of confined spaces, and necessary safety appliances or equipment for use in the confined spaces, and procedures such as permit to work. These hazard warning safety signs, mandatory safety signs and safe conditions safety signs are manufactured to comply with the harmonised standard EN 7010, and the Signs and Safety Regulations 1996, covering the symbol or pictogram, colour, and layout.

Industries associated with confined spaces include; mines; quarries; engineering; waste management; docks; air transport; defence; catering; nuclear; agriculture; laundries and dry cleaners: and entertainment, such as fairgrounds.

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