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Custom Safety Labels

Looking to order some custom safety labels that will meet your specific requirements? Here at Label Source, you can design your own custom safety labels for places or equipment.

Easily create your custom safety label by choosing from a range of ISO EN 7010 health/safety symbols, then adding your own bespoke wording. These custom safety labels are available in portrait and landscape styles, with space for single or multiple messages. These labels have a professional gloss finish, so your custom safety label will fit right in alongside the rest of your safety signage.

Our collection of symbols includes a comprehensive range of prohibition, mandatory, hazard warning, safe conditions and fire equipment symbols. You can add any of these to the custom safety labels that you create to tailor your custom safety signs to your specific concerns.

These self-adhesive vinyl labels have a laminated surface, making them resistant to abrasion and rubbing. Our custom safety labels are also UV- and chemical-resistant, as well as being waterproof and weatherproof.

For other sizes and material types of custom safety labels, please get in touch with our customer service team.


What Are Custom Safety Signs?

Safety signs are used to warn people of risks in public or in business areas. Most commonly, they mark emergency exits, show where to find equipment, signify when things are prohibited or mandatory, and warn of any danger.

However, in certain circumstances, there may be a warning specific to your place of work that does not fall under a pre-existing safety sign. In this case, you may want to design your own custom safety label to keep a consistent image across all your warning signs.

For more information on the specific custom safety signs we offer, have a look at our blog post on Making Your Own Warning Label.

Do I Need Custom Safety Stickers?

While there are plenty of ready-made safety signs available for a vast range of hazards and situations, you may find that your line of work needs specific warning stickers. If there is anything in your environment that needs a notice or warning attached to it, consider investing in a custom safety sticker to keep the area looking professional and consistent with your other labels and signage.

If you’re unsure whether you need to invest in custom safety labels, have a look at the HSE guidelines on safety signs.

What Images Can Be I Use on Customised Signs?

There’s no need to upload artwork when creating a custom safety sticker, as we offer a huge variety of different images from prohibition signs to asset tags, so you can choose the best one and tailor it to your specific concerns with your custom text.

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