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Head Protection Signs

Head protection safety signs are a visual reminder of the need to use personal protective equipment (PPE) for the head  in the workplace. These are necessary to protect against a range of potential hazards including; impact from falling or flying objects; risk of head bumping; and hair entanglement.

The head protection products are outlined in the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992. Head protection equipment can include safety helmets; hard hats; bump caps; hygiene headware such as hats, mob caps, skull caps and bouffant style mop caps; fire helmets; equestrian headwear; and sports headwear for martial arts, boxing, cycling etc..

The signs indicate the need to use the appropriate headwear to be used, and the work areas where these are to be worn. These mandatory safety signs are manufactured to comply with the harmonised standard EN 7010, and the Signs and Safety Regulations 1996, covering the symbol or pictogram, colour, and layout.

Common applications include building, construction, demolition, civil engineering, maintenance, forestry, mining, metals and steel, manufacturing, kitchen, catering, and food processing.

We also supply body protection signs, respiratory protection signsfoot protection signs, eye protection signs, ear protection signs, and hand protection signs.

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