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Quality Assurance Tags

Browse our range of quality control hold tags which can be used at all stages within your quality assurance systems, including those to ISO 9001 or equivalent systems.

Our comprehensive range of quality assurance tags can be used on

  • components,
  • assemblies,
  • work in progress,
  • inspection,
  • testing,
  • through production,
  • stock and storage
  • final distribution. 

The tags are manufactured in semi-rigid polypropylene plastic (0.5mm thickness), which is durable, waterproof, scratch resistant, and tear resistant. They can be attached by cable tie, string or wire.

These QA tags are available in small pack sizes of 10 tags. They include product identification such as:

  • part, stock, batch and job number; 
  • pre-inspection;
  • inspected conditions namely passed, failed, quarantine etc.;
  • remedial actions such as rework, repair, and return to supplier;
  • and additional requirements such as concession, certificate of conformance or special instructions.

These tags can be attached and removed as required, and form an easily and instantly recognisable aid within any quality inspection regime.

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We also supply Quality Assurance Signs, Custom Quality Assurance Signs, and Colour Coded Assurance Quality Signs.

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