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Printed Barrier Tape

We have a wide range of high-quality hazard tape products available here at Label Source. Each one is printed with highly-visible bold text to warn and advise the general public.

Our printed barrier tapes can be used in the following places:

  • Construction sites
  • Plants and factories
  • Crowded areas
  • Archaeological sites
  • Sporting events
  • Crime scenes

Our non-adhesive, 70 micron polythene hazard tapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are scratch- and UV-resistant, and they are simultaneously sturdy and lightweight.

Select one of the hazard tape designs listed below, or call 0800 3761 693 for further assistance.

Hazard Tape - Further Information:

Hazard tape can be used to cordon off dangerous areas and warn workers and the general public about potential hazards. By creating a barrier around the space in question, our printed barrier tapes prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas; they can also be used to control crowds at sporting matches and other busy events.

Here at Label Source, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the right product for any given situation. If you cannot find the right sort of hazard tape for your requirements, please get in touch and we will do our best to provide a suitable solution.

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