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Plastic Cable Tags

Our cable tags are designed to identify high voltages and electrical hazards; they can also be used by electrical inspectors when carrying out safety checks.

These flexible, semi-rigid plastic tags can be attached to cables, leads, and electrical wiring, as well as to extensions or ducting. The tags are supplied in packs of 50, and each one has a four-hole construction, allowing for easy attachment with cable ties.

Select one of the following cable tags:

Our Electrical Safety Tags

As part of our cable management range, Label Source's plastic cable tags are ideal for almost any application that requires highly-visible cable marking. All of the products on this page have a high colour contrast, making them easy to spot; some of the tags also come with write-on panels, allowing you to give additional information where necessary.

Our cable tags are designed for two main purposes:

  • Electrical Inspection: These tags should be applied by a qualified electrical inspector upon completion of an electrical safety test. The inspector can use the write-on panels to give his/her name, or to give additional information.
  • Voltage Marking: We supply several different electrical safety tags for voltage marking purposes. Choose from '230 volts AC', '400 volts AC', 'Mains Voltage', and 'High Voltage'.

If you are looking for a cable tag that is not listed on this page, please give Label Source a call on 0800 3761 693. Our dedicated team will do whatever they can to meet your requirements. You can also email us on sales@labelsource.co.uk.

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