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No Entry Signs

What is a No Entry Sign?

No entry signs, also known as no admittance signs or no unauthorised access signs, are necessary to use for both privacy and protection from harm.

No entry signs are used to restrict admittance. These can limit access to areas housing dangerous machinery or lifts, or identify hazard areas for X-ray, biological, demolition or asbestos risks. Some access may be restricted to those using the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), protective clothing or permits to work or clean room requirements.

Access, entry and exit signs can be denied to selective groupings, such as pedestrians, wheelchair users, fork lift trucks or dogs (except guide dogs).

All these admittance prohibition health and safety signage products are produced to ISO EN 7010 and Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

What Type of No Entry Signs Do We Supply?

At Label Source, we supply a wide range of No Entry signs and no entry symbols for businesses, shops, warehouses and other public spaces, including:

• No unauthorised persons signs

• No entry floor sign & stickers

• Unauthorised access prohibited signs

• Confined space signs

• Keep out signs

• Private no entry sign

• Stop no entry sign

As the above shows, there are a wide array of no entry signage available. However, some of these signs will have more uses than others, particularly the following three:

No Access Signs

These health and safety signs simply state “no access past this point”, which helps protect people from entering potentially dangerous areas. These can be areas reserved for staff only, or sections of the workplace that has dangerous equipment. These are especially important on construction sites.

No Unauthorised Entry Signs

No unauthorised entry signs, on the other hand, are there for security purposes. These protect employees from customers or the public entering their private space, as well as warning people away from potentially sensitive areas.

These are used from warning against trespassing into security rooms to simply ensuring nobody accidentally enters a staff break room. Overall, they’re important for all businesses.

No Admittance Signs     

A no admittance sign works the same way as a no entry sign, prohibiting access to an area for anyone unintended to enter.

No access signs keep your employees, customers, and pedestrians safe, so it’s important to use them appropriately around your site.

The Importance of No Entry Signs

No entry signs may seem small, but they’re essential for modern businesses. The segregation of staff and customers is essential, plus many no entry signs play an important role in warning people of risks and act as a deterrent.

We’ve explained in greater depth the importance of notifying both staff and customers with labels and signs in our blog Keep Notice: Notice Signs and Their Role in Safety Policy. If you’re looking for more details, then that post is for you.

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