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Laser Hazard Warning Safety Signs

Laser warning signs are used to alert employees and visitors if there is a risk of being exposed to a naked laser beam.
Exposure to certain lasers can cause eye or optic damage, and skin burns. Using the correct laser warning signs will remind workers and visitors on the correct procedures to take and PPE to wear if in an area where they are at risk of exposure.
Our Laser warning signs are produced to BS EN 60825 (based on IEC 60825), which supports laser safety, setting out laser classification, and provision of guidance to users. Laser equipment fits into the following categories; class 1; class 1M; class 2; class 2M; class 3R; class 3B; and class 4. Labels outline the features and risks of each class, particularly viewing directly or using magnifying optics (microscopes or telescopes), and skin damage by direct or scattered radiation.
Our range of warning signs comply with ISO EN 7010 and Signs and signals regulations 1996. Other protective personal equipment (PPE) is specified in BS EN 207 and BS EN 208 for eye protection.

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